Getting the Word Out

Brand Identity / Environmental Design

This exhibition brings the social media era and New Westminster’s earliest newspapers together. The digital age has changed how people consume news.  How do we begin to tease out fact from opinion or information from disinformation?  Fear and emotion can influence to how we respond to, share and perpetuate the stories we are exposed to.  However, thoughtful consideration and critical thinking also contribute to what we choose to do with what we read.

Media impacts every aspect of our lives, specifically affecting how we relate to, learn about, and interact with the people around us.


Selected Works

Master of DisasterVisual Design

Smile BankDesign Research

Vancouver Design WeekExperience Design

Jar RestaurantBrand & Experience Design

Megaphone MagazineVisual Design

T3 MinneapolisBrand & Experience Design

Bottoms UpExperience Design

Akshay TyagiBrand & Experience Design

Vancouver Island Regional LibraryBrand & Experience Design