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Available for hire:
Freelance and full time between
Vancouver and Copenhagen.
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"Harry became Megaphone's Art Director when we were a bi-weekly magazine. He worked closely with our editor and the team to overhaul the magazine's look and feel as we re-launched as a larger-format monthly magazine. This included updating Megaphone's logo, typography direction, and supporting materials. Harry's passion for design, creative ideas, and attention to detail made him a big asset to the Megaphone team. As Megaphone's art director, he worked collaboratively with editors and members of the team on each issue. Harry also collaborated with our partners Denim & Steel with art direction and design of the Megaphone App. His design left a beautiful mark on the magazine and we're glad for the opportunity to have worked with." 

––– Jessica Hannon, Excecutive Director, Megaphone Magazine


"Harry Olson would prove an outstanding asset to any project, initiative or organization. He brings an impressive dedication, mature passion, and keen insight and design sensibility to all tasks small and large, while executing at an extremely high level of quality, rigour, and professionalism. He is an impressive and proactive producer - equally inimitable whether working independently, collaboratively, or while under pressure. But perhaps most important are Harry’s interpersonal skills: he is an attentive and empathetic listener, a creative problem-solver, a leader when he needs to be, and a true pleasure to collaborate with."

––– Jennifer Cutbill, Excecutive Director, Vancouver Design Week

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