Flynn Suites

Branding for a Modern Downtown Dwelling


Flynn Flats is Halifax's premiere modern rental building in the heart of downtown that accomodates luxury, lifestyle, and livability.

From history to present, from tradition to technology, and most importantly, amongst each other. Everything in our context is about the connection: old to new, person to place, home, worksplace, socializing – we embrace the full connection to suit any lifestyle.

Designed by the award winning Dexel Architecture, Flynn is a contemporary building marked by slotted shutters, window boxes, juliette balconies, and floor to ceiling wall-to-wall glass sliding doors. These one and two bedroom units from 1000 sq ft and features a modern space with exposed concrete, clean lines and modern finishes. Enjoy a large green feature, common areas for you to entertain and meet neighbours, and retail/cafe on the ground floor. 

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