Akshay Tyagi

Contemporary Branding
for a Global Artist and
Fashion Designer


Akshay Tyagi is a clothing stylist, Bollywood costume designer, and a Conceptual fashion designer. His recent projects have seen him as secondary stylist on various editorials and advertorial campaigns. He currently works under Anaita Shroff Adajania for Style Cell in Mumbai, India as a fashion and film stylist.

His design work is presented in a unique format off ramp to enhance the experience of appreciating the conceptual mindset within which he works constantly. Not following a seasonal design cycle, Tyagi presents capsule collections that dig deep into the purity of the idea and translate it to a tactile and tangible experience.

Brand Identity


Selected Works

Master of DisasterVisual Design

Smile BankDesign Research

Vancouver Design WeekExperience Design

Getting the Word OutExperience Design

Jar RestaurantBrand & Experience Design

Megaphone MagazineVisual Design

T3 MinneapolisBrand & Experience Design

Bottoms UpExperience Design

Vancouver Island Regional LibraryBrand & Experience Design

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