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While I wasat PUBLIC, we were commissioned to design this commemorative stamp which features the famous Canadian photograph "Wait for me Daddy" taken on October 1st, 1940, by Claude Dettloff of the Vancouver Daily Province. When it was taken, the photo appeared around the world in Life magazine, among other publications. Designed very simply to emphasize the photo's timeless appeal and combined with the Remembrance Day poppy, the stamp was printed in exceptional detail in four colours plus metallic silver at Canadian Bank Note in Calgary. The stamp was released in New Westminister, British Columbia on October 1st to commemorate the anniversary of the photograph. We developed the stamps, stamp brochure, cancellation mark, postcards, souvenir sheet and a collectors Official First Day Cover. Select souvenir sheets, featuring 5 of the stamps were framed and signed by the subject of the photo, Warren "Whitey" Bernard. The launch day stamp signing line was around the block for hours—the same block featured in the photograph.


WFMD STAMP-1474×1000 – HR-3

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