Michael Green Architecture


Michael Green Architecture is a boutique international Architecture + Interior Design firm in Vancouver, Canada. MGA is motivated to design with meaning. The projects celebrate their client and community goals with spaces that speak to the stories of our time.

MGA approaches architecture as storytelling and as experience more than mere aesthetic. A beautiful space or building falls short if it doesn’t also speak to us with meaning; if it doesn’t connect with a story; and if it doesn’t contribute to a positive experience. MGA aims to design experience as part of the design of space or objects.  

I helped grow the internal and external communications department using lean and agile methodologies that required a multidisciplinary mindset. I helped tell complex systems and buildings into meaningful narratives. Visualization and narrative structure helped build consensus and move a concept from idea to implementation. 

Work included large scale proposals for architectural competitions, keynotes, publications, campaigns, and wayfinding and signage.

Project Management 
Brand Identity

Ed White
Ema Peter