T3 Minneapolis

Branding A New
Building Typology

T3 is a unique approach to office building and an investment in both the past and future of Minneapolis – specifically the rich history of the warehouse district. T3 builds on the character of the past with a progressive modern perspective. 

As businesses compete to attract and retain staff, T3 offers a modern re-interpretation of the historic building that appeals to young professionals. It celebrates the robust character of historic wood, brick, stone and steel buildings, but provides state of the art amenities, environmental performance, and technical capability needed for competitive businesses in Minneapolis. 

What we did 
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity


Selected Works

Getting the Word OutExhibit Design

PayByPhoneArt Direction, Design

Jar RestaurantBranding

Megaphone MagazineBranding, Print

TED ElevateExhibit Design

Megaphone AppUI Design

Bottoms UpExhibit Design

600SQDesign, Furniture

Akshay TyagiBranding, Signage

Vancouver Island Regional LibraryBrand, Print, Wayfinding

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