Furniture that fits the modern day living space and makes life easier.


We believe design should solve problems and not create them. Focusing on human centered approach we research challenges of living in urban environments and design solutions around people and their needs. We are big on functionality, usability and sustainability of our products while using aesthetics as the unifying force. 

 We want to build furniture and products that fit the modern day living space. Furniture that solves problems and makes life easier. 

For that, we researched how people in urban areas use furniture, what expectations they have for it, what’s their lifestyle and what kind of spaces they inhabit. The research gave us a better understanding of what kind of furniture is actually needed. 

Our next step is building prototypes followed by market ready products based on actual needs of modern day homes. Furniture and products designed that way represent a greater value for people.


Matej Rodela
James Munns


Selected Works

Getting the Word OutExhibit Design

PayByPhoneArt Direction, Design

Jar RestaurantBranding

Megaphone MagazineBranding, Print

T3 MinneapolisBranding, Wayfinding

TED ElevateExhibit Design

Megaphone AppUI Design

Bottoms UpExhibit Design

Akshay TyagiBranding, Signage

Vancouver Island Regional LibraryBrand, Print, Wayfinding