Estate Winery


Oliver, Canada


Kermes Estate Winery sits amongst the hills of Oliver, BC. A plot of land handed down by family for centuries, it’s currently in the hands of the newer generation redefining the industry. Kermes Estate Winery is named for the hardy Kermes oak. A native of desert-like slopes in the Mediterranean, the Kermes oak is a symbol they aspire to. Emerging from modest beginnings, it grows and thrives in the heat of the burning sun. It overcomes the harshest of conditions to offer shade and shelter to others. Most of all, through steady, uncompromising perseverance, it proves that the richest harvest can be born of the poorest soil.

Residing in the hills of Oliver, BC, Kermes produced a line of merlot, sauvignon blanc, and pinot gris with a limited edition of  August 5th a label dedicated to their father. He has persevered through a lifetime of challenges to ensure a better life for those he loves. His strength grounds us. His determination inspires us. His kindness shelters us all. He is our Kermes oak. They hope you’ll join them in raising a glass—to their father and to yours.